CNHL G+ Series 3s 2200mah 30c Lipo

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CNHL G+ Series 3s 2200mah 30c Lipo


A high quality and well priced 3s 2200mah lipo for RC quads, cars, crawlers, boats and planes etc

This lipo comes with a T-Plug/Deans connector. CNHL are currently out of stock of 3s 2200 lipos with XT60 connectors. As these are new and unused we do not modify or solder any connectors ourselves! If you use the drop down menu to select XT60, this will provide you with an XT60 connector should you wish to personally change the connector. We also have Deans to XT60 adaptors should you not want to solder.

Capacity  2200mAh
Voltage 11.1V / 3-Cell / 3S1P
Discharge Rate 30C Continual / 60C Burst
Charge Rate 5C Max
Size 26X36X108mm
Weight  179g (Including wire and connector)
Output Connector T-Plug  / Deans
Balance Connector JST / XH

Additional information

Connector Type

Deans, Deans with XT60 (soldering required), Deans with XT60 adaptor (no soldering)