Lipo Battery Safe Bag Fireproof

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Lipo Battery Safe Bag Fireproof


This is a larger more useful 30x23cm charging and storage bag. This more useful than the smaller size allowing you to store multiple lipos and charge inside the bag.

Available in Red or Silver.

Lipo Battery Fireproof Explosionproof Storage Guard Safe Charging Holder

Manufacturer Descriptions:
-Our Lipo Battery Safe is made from high strength glass fiber, when combustion or accidents happens, it can effectively isolate the battery and prevent fire.

-Designed with stylish and artistic appearance, it is convenient to carry.
-Our Lipo Battery Safe are the safest way to charge and store your lipo batteries.
-Designed to stop and contain any Fire caused by incorrectly charging or poor function lipo batteries.
-Protect your workshop, family and home from the hazard of lipo charging.


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Red, Silver