Shendrones Squirt V2.1 GoPro Hero Mount – Hero 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9

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Shendrones Squirt V2.1 GoPro Hero Mount – Hero 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9


U.K. stock of the Shendrone Squirt v2.1 for DJI or Analogue. This advert comes with the standard ducts.

This advert is for:

Carbon frame and hardware kit

Standard Ducts

10deg GoPro mount (GoPro 6-9)

DJI digital air unit mount

All prints are in a choice of green or black TPU.  Please let me know your colour preference in the messages when or after you have ordered.

The Shendrone Cinewhoop is becoming one of the most popular cinewhoops around for high quality FPV quad footage. We are currently the only U.K. supplier!

Any questions, just ask…




Squirt is a 160mm 3″ ducted quad. The ducts generate about 240g more thrust so Squirt is a peppy flyer that can carry a Hero. They also double as prop guards so it’s safer to fly in close proximity to people.


HQ 4×4.3×3 props cut down to 3″ have performed best and recommended for this quad. You want a bullnose tip that hugs the ducts. Keep the gap at a minimum for maximum efficiency. Prop cutter tool is available in my other items.


DJI FPV versions have 40mm tall standoffs and include a holder for the air unit and its antennae.

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