Shendrones Squirt v2.1 with DJI Air -Fully Built BNF Quad Cinewoop

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Shendrones Squirt v2.1 with DJI Air -Fully Built BNF Quad Cinewoop


U.K. stock of the Shendrone Squirt v2.1- Ready to Bind and Fly


This is for the full Squirt, built with a DJI Air unit, Flight Controller, ESC and motors. If you are not using the DJI transmitter, we can also fit an appropriate reciever. When you purchase this item, we will discuss exactly what is being built (e.g 4s, 6s) and the equipment you have got before we go ahead with the build. Once delivered, we will provide support in getting this bound to your reciever and up in the air.

Please understand that these are built to order and therefore we require some lead time to get this built and delivered. Feel free to discuss this before ordering.

The Shendrone Cinewhoop is becoming one of the most popular cinewhoops around for high quality FPV quad footage. We are currently the only U.K. supplier!

Any questions, just ask…




Squirt is a 160mm 3″ ducted quad. The ducts generate about 240g more thrust so Squirt is a peppy flyer that can carry a Hero. They also double as prop guards so it’s safer to fly in close proximity to people.

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